• Katherine Bultema

Must be this tall to ride

This past week, after a long 2 months of going back and forth with several hiccups in a transaction, we received the clear to close! It's hard to describe how exciting and relieving those words are when uttered after a long, hard process.

My clients were ecstatic to hear the news. They were thrilled to find out that they could soon move and settle into their new home with their beautiful family. It's moments like these that make me grateful to be a realtor.

Helping my clients navigate through the process of buying and selling homes is not something I take for granted. Each step in the process is unique, and has a significant impact on the direction a transaction could take. Sometimes that direction can be challenging. I am so honored when clients choose me to be the one to help them through those challenges. As a realtor, there are many highs and lows. The low times make me cherish those high moments that much more.

To paint a better picture of the high highs and the low lows when working in this business, here is what a normal day looks like for me:

During your lead generating time block, you set a listing appointment. You're feeling good! A few moments later, you receive a full price offer on your listing that just hit the market the night before. You're feeling REALLY good. Then, your phone rings with the dreaded phone call... You get word that a home inspection went “alright." There is mold in the crawlspace and attic, every outlet within 6 feet of a water source needs to be changed to a GFCI outlet, and the paint on the exterior foundation is peeling, so it will need to be scraped and repainted. Not only that, but did you forget it’s the middle of January and it’s a FHA loan? You're NOT feeling so good anymore.

The ups and downs in the life of a realtor can be quite the roller coaster. Sometimes the ride is exhilarating and joyful, other times it can leave riders with eyes shut and hands clenched just waiting for the tough parts to be over.

Good news can be flooding through the door, making you feel like closing is right around the corner when something unexpected happens, tacking on a new expense and a longer timeline for the parties involved.

Situations could also turn from bad to good fairly quickly. You could be feeling like moving day is surely never going to come when a breakthrough happens and the closing date is all of a sudden on the calendar. This process changes quickly and unexpectedly like the weather in NW Indiana. You just never know!

Buyers and sellers, remember this while working with me: when you win, I win. When you lose, I lose. No matter how bumpy the road may be, I'm with you. You found a perfect partner here; you found a partner who will fight right alongside you to put that sold sign on your old house and moving truck outside of your new house. No matter what happens, I am along for the ride with YOU!

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