• Katherine Bultema

The staples of a town

The tall white, unwavering steeple of the old chapel reached toward the cloudy, winter sky as the snow that seemed to mimic it in color faded away behind it. Even though I was wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of a busy Friday schedule, I decided to stop. While looking up at the church, time seemed to slow down.

I have always found that little white church intriguing. It seems to stand out in its placement in the town. I drive past it often as I travel to and from different locations and meetings in Hobart. While driving past it this time, I decided to use a few minutes to stop and check it out.

I pulled into the quiet lot and put my car in park. While I sat, I looked up at the white church standing tall as if it were reaching for heaven. I imagined the number of beautiful weddings that have taken place there. Brides and grooms leaving the church as the bells toll, signaling the start of their new life together. I thought about the children who were baptized there, surrounded by people who love them and want to raise those little ones to know the Lord. I thought about the families who worship there every Sunday; the ones who stood there this last Sunday, singing together in the pew they’ve claimed as their own.

Oh, the history that rests within those 4 walls.

Over the years, as I work to find places for my clients to call home, I have found that it is these types of landmarks that make up a community. They’re the staples that make up a town. They become directional markers, telling people to “turn left at the old white church." This church is an like a place that holds your every memory; it feels wonderful to come back to after a long time away.

As I silently prayed to God for clarity in my lively life, I was filled with thankfulness for the opportunity to enjoy just a few quiet moments in that parking lot, thinking about that church and all it means. You see, the night before visiting the church, my husband, Andrew, and I got in a heated argument. Along with that, I had two LONG overdue closings and multiple unexpected situations that kept popping up. All of these combined had me in a “way” that day.

With such an action-packed schedule, both professionally and personally, people may be surprised that I do sometimes press the pause button on it all. But as I prayed from my car, I realized that no matter what the situation is or how busy our lives seem, he gives us little reminders throughout the day that he has us “in the palm of his hands.”

I took a breath, snapped a photo, put my car in drive, and drove away, fully refreshed and ready for whatever the rest of my day had in store.




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