Strategic Selling

Step 1: Let's identify your goal

I need to sell right away!


I want to sell quickly, but making a profit is

important too.

I can wait to sell at my desired listing price.

Step 2: Determining your property's market value

Identify property's key features. 

Analyze recent property sales.

Obtain a current assessment.

Don't worry - I will walk you through these steps!

Step 3: Establish the property's listing price

We'll work together to meet your goals while considering

today's real estate market.

My Goal

Let's sell your home as quickly as possible at 

top market value.

Number of Showings

Competitive pricing is key!

Many homes that start high end up selling below market value.

# of weeks on the market

Weeks 1 & 2 generate the most showings

Want to sell fast?

Social Media Strategy

Facebook & Instagram

I'll share your listings on my social media accounts - feel free to share with your family and friends too!

The Keller Williams Listing System

Our system ensures your property is marketed online on 100's of local and national real estate sites.




We'd love to hear from you!